City Construction Project Status Report ( July 22, 2024 )

Military Parkway Trail (Galloway Avenue to Rodeo Drive)

City Project Manager : Briana Santa Ana ()City Inspector : Danny Barrett (
Project Description : This project will connect the Downtown area to the Mesquite Championship Rodeo. It includes a 10- to 12-foot wide community trail that will run along the south side of Military Parkway from Galloway Avenue to Rodeo Center where it will then turn north to connect to the existing sidewalk at Rodeo Drive. The length of trail construction is approximately 1.7 miles. The project is being led and partially funded by Dallas County.
Status : Design 100% CompleteProjected Completion Date : June 2024
What's happening now:
Project design is complete. Currently County led project but City may manage construction. Huntington development needs to be substantially completed before construction.
Work Anticipated next 30-days:
An amendment to the Project Specific Agreement with County to have the City manage construction.