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Assigned Units Address Call Type Dispatch Time Fire Box # Map
A07  3800 BLOCK OF CLAY MATHIS RD  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 10:36am   
A06, E05  1500 BLOCK OF PECOS ST  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 9:54am   
A01, E01  300 BLOCK OF TEAKWOOD DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 9:48am   
A03  2300 BLOCK OF ANDERS DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 9:46am   
E07  FM 740 @ FM 2757  SMOKE INVESTIGATION/SMOKE ODOR  4-6-2020 @ 9:44am   
E07  1500 BLOCK OF BETTE DR  NATURAL GAS/PROPANE LEAK  4-6-2020 @ 8:49am   
A06, A04, E05  TOWN EAST / 635  MAJOR ACCIDENT  4-6-2020 @ 8:20am   
A05  2100 BLOCK OF PINEHURST LN   MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 8:11am   
A03, E03  3500 BLOCK OF POINT EAST DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 8:03am   
A06  3100 BLOCK OF GUS THOMASSON RD  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 6:36am   
A01, E01  600 BLOCK OF YOSEMITE TRL  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 5:57am   
A05, A06, E03  3300 BLOCK OF EDGEBROOK DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 5:40am   
A03, A06, E03  2100 BLOCK OF CHARLES DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 2:54am   
A07  2300 BLOCK OF HUMMINGBIRD WAY  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 2:31am   
A04  1700 BLOCK OF W SCYENE RD  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 1:28am   
A03, E03  4100 BLOCK OF HYDE PARK DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 1:19am   
A04, E04  1900 BLOCK OF APPALACHIA DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 12:15am   
A03, E03  4200 BLOCK OF HWY 80   MEDICAL CALL  4-6-2020 @ 12:08am   
A04, E04  2100 BLOCK OF BRIDGER DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 10:54pm   
A07, E07  1700 BLOCK OF WINDMIRE DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 10:53pm   
A03  3500 BLOCK OF POINT EAST DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 10:26pm   
A05, E05  4800 BLOCK OF PRESTON TRAIL DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 10:14pm   
A06, E05  3600 BLOCK OF PARKMONT ST  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 7:16pm   
A05  200 BLOCK OF HWY 80  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 5:30pm   
A03, E03  2600 BLOCK OF JOHN WEST RD   MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 5:27pm   
A05, E04, E05  1200 BLOCK OF JUANITA ST  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 3:20pm   
A01, E03  2800 BLOCK OF BLUE RIDGE DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 3:19pm   
A03, E05  1700 BLOCK OF N GALLOWAY AVE   MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 3:09pm   
A04  1900 BLOCK OF GRAND CAYMAN WAY  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 2:56pm   
A07, E07  2600 BLOCK OF HYACINTH DR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 2:39pm   
A01  1300 BLOCK OF RICHARD ST  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 2:30pm   
A04, E01  300 BLOCK OF BIRCHWOOD CIR  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 2:08pm   
A05, E06  1000 BLOCK OF WIGGINS PKWY  MEDICAL CALL  4-5-2020 @ 2:01pm   


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