Often the police department locates stolen property that cannot be identified as stolen because the owner did not provide a unique description of the item at the time of the theft report. Generally, people don't think about recording the serial numbers of their property until it is already gone. If we improve the documentation that is stored on people's valuables, we believe that we will improve our effectiveness in fighting this type of crime, resulting in more successful prosecutions and more stolen property being returned to it's rightful owner.

The information entered by citizens will also be made available to patrol officers in the field through their in-vehicle mobile data computers. If an officer stops a suspicious person and locates property they have reason to believe may have been recently stolen, they can check the serial numbers immediately against the information citizens have entered at Serial Number Central. The rightful owner can then be contacted to determine if the property was indeed taken without their consent. This all may done even before the owner of the property realizes the items have been taken.

The Mesquite Police Department provides this service to give citizens a secure place to record the serial numbers and unique identifiers of their property, so that it can be returned to them if it is ever stolen. Please take a moment to enter descriptions of your property to help protect yourself against theft. Examples of items that you may want to enter are television sets, stereo equipment, lawn equipment, gaming systems, car stereo equipment, cell phones, guns, computers, bicycles, VCRs, DVDs, etc. Please feel free to enter any property that you own that has a serial number or unique identifier. This service is free and is available regardless of whether or not you live within the City of Mesquite.

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