Virtual Views allows you to view selected areas at the Florence Ranch in a 360° view as if you were standing in the center of a room and looking around. You will need to have the latest version of Quicktime installed on your computer to view these images. You can download the free Quicktime Player  from

Living room

One of the two original rooms of the house, the living room was the gathering place for the Florence family. Head docent Joyce Hicks leads tours of the property to large groups and at open houses. The original box staircase remains. The man's portrait over the fireplace mantel is David Walker Florence, the master of the house he built in 1871.
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Master bedroom

This is the second of the two original rooms of the house. It and the living room share a common fireplace. On the mantel is a photo of Florence Florence Schulz who, along with her daughter, Julie Morris, donated the property to the City of Mesquite. The bed is a family piece and is also of the East Lake style.
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Dining room and kitchen

Mr. Florence built a second part to the house for a dining room, kitchen and storage or shed room. The dining room is furnished with period pieces and the kitchen has a wood-burning stove and an ice box. Mrs. Florence had her own water well in the house, where she only had to dip fresh water for cooking or for bathing.
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Small bedroom

This bedroom was originally an add-on shed room. It was converted to a child's bedroom and has two family pieces - the East Lake-style bed and the trunk that carried Mrs. Florence's clothes.
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Long room

This room was an early kitchen converted into an office area. It is used presently for a photo gallery of the property and the Florence family.
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Gift shop

Historic Mesquite, Inc. has converted Mr. Florence's early shop building into a gift shop, restroom area and storage facility. The German music box on the upright piano is a family piece.
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Shed room

Mr. and Mrs. Florence used the shed room for storage of food products and other items used in their daily lives on the farm. A straight chair with a leather-woven seat and a shipping crate are both family pieces.
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From this point, visitors can see the south side of the main house and the kitchen addition. The space between the two buildings is known as a "dog trot." The closer building to the southeast was used as Mr. Florence's office and is now the gift shop/restroom facility.
View from south side of house (1.8 MB)